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The Event

The main aim of the event is to showcase the expertise of the local and foreign FMA grandmasters and give an opportunity for practitioners to train with different grandmasters, explore the beauty of the island, experience the Filipino culture and understand the roots of the art in one event.

The Venue

As part of organizer’s initiative to promote Philippine Tourism, the 9th FMA World Festival will be held in the island of Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. The island of Bohol is the perfect place for those who are wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, showcasing the famous land formation of the chocolate hills to the fine beach of Panglao Island.

Fun Activities

Activities/tourist attractions in Bohol, Philippines include the amazing formation of Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Tour, and so much more!

How to get there

By Air

Tagbilaran Airport serves the island of Bohol and is about a 30 minute to 1 hour from the airport to Panglao Island depending on your mode of transportation choice. There are currently no international flights going directly to Bohol as the airport is not an international airport. Connecting flights from Manila or Cebu to Bohol would be the best option for international visitors. Local airlines flying to and from Bohol are:

Airlines MNL to Bohol Bohol to MNL
Phil. Airlines 09:20am; 14:20pm 11:15am; 16:40pm
Cebu Pacific 06:00am; 08:25am; 13:00pm 07:55am; 10:20am; 14:55pm
Air Asia: 08:25am; 11:35am; 13:40pm 09:35am; 13:40pm; 15:45pm

Note: schedules are for reference only of the number of flights and may change depending on the airline schedule.

By Land

Travelling by land in and around Bohol can be accomplished by jeepney, taxi, habal habal (motorbike with driver) or tricycle. Cost of from tagbilaran to Panglao is approximately 500 pesos depending on the mode of transportation you choose.

By Sea

There are many options to travel by sea to Bohol from other locations within the country. The regular ferries are the least expensive and most common way to get around by the sea.

There are also fast craft available to cut down your travel time considerably for a higher price. Tagbilaran wharf /tourist Pier in the South near Panglao island is the main port with Tubigon in the West and Talibon in the North also available.