16 September 2020

The 10th Annual FMA Festival planning is underway! We look forward to providing more information as it becomes available.

See you all in March 2021!

10 March 2020

FMA Festival To our dear participants:

During the last 48 hours the development in the Philippines has turned from alarming to "very critical". The spread of the Coronavirus has doubled in 2 days as officially announced by the Philippine health authorities. There is a high possibility that the government will impose lockdowns in specific areas particularly in Metro Manila.

All events, gatherings, assemblies and the likes are strongly discouraged. Schools are closed, businesses and offices are operating in skeletal numbers or closed.

The government has declared a "State of Emergency for Public Health", synchronizing all intervention from the top agencies of government to the lowest local government units.

After considering all the informations and consultation with the authorities it is with a heavy heart that we decided to "POSTPONE" the holding of the 10th FMA Festival to 2021. It bleeds our heart but the safety and health of everyone is of the highest priority. We are also bothered by the possibility that your country authorities will not allow you re- entry or the least require you to be quarantined upon your return.

The hotel has considered our request for postponement sighting the coronavirus problem. Prior to that, our obligation to the hotel and to our suppliers has already been paid. All the necessary materials for the camp were delivered. All are set and ready.

With your permission, your payment will be considered for the next FMA Festival. We assure you that it will be kept with confidence and trust. Please permit us.

We seek for your understanding. We bow our heads to express our deepest apology.

Thank you.
Camp Executive Director
GM RENE R. TONGSON Chairman 10th FMA Festival