Grand Master Julio Felices

Punong-Guro (Master) of Angkán Felices Kaliradman)

Ajarn 14th Khan Rolando Julio Felices

Contract Mestre in Capoeira


  • Muaythai: 2005 - Won 2nd Place World Championship in Muaythai-Boran 2005 with Asst. GM Ralf Kussler
  • 1985-1989/90: US Navy
    • Rank: BT3 3rd Class Petty Officer
    • Rating: Boiler Technician
    • Achievements (others): Recommissioned Plankowner / World Cruise
    • Ship: US Navy USS MISSOURI BB-63
    • War Deployments: Persian Excursion, Joint Task Force Middle East 1987, Battle Group Echo 1987-1988
  • 1989-1993/94 US Army
    • Rank: Specialist / Platoon acting Sergeant
    • MOS: 13 M10 Multi Launch Rocket System Crew Member Gunner.
    • With A 2/32nd and A 4/27th Field Artillery;
    • War Deployments: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, 10 years overall Active and inactive reserve services.


  • Navy and Army Good Conduct Medals; Army Achievement Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal; Combat Badge; Navy Meritorious Medal; 3x Navy Battle Efficiency Ribbons; 3x Sea Service Deployment Ribbons; Grenade Expert; Sharpshooter M-16 / M-4; Sharpshooter 1911 pistol

Martial Arts History:

  • Muaythai:
    • Teachers: AGM Ralf Kussler, GM Woody, GM Sane, and GM 'Kru Pho'; AGM Suphan
    • Membership: since 1996 via IAMTF (International Amateur Muaythai Federation / AITMA (Association International Thai Martial Arts) / now Registered under KMA (Kru Muaythai Association)
  • Angkán Felices Kaliradman/ Eskrima; Sikaran; Tai Chi Chuan; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Capoeira
  • Military hand to hand combat; US Military Combatives; US Army Close Quarter Combat & Close Quarter Battle

Brief Awards history:

  • 1993- 2019: German-American Open Martial Arts Championships (fighting in discipline of Muaythai; Eskrima; Capoeira)
  • 1999-2019:
    • TheBODYSHOCK Muaythai Team; actively competing and fighting in Muaythai and Muayboran Won various titles including International, National and European titles; Trained various fighters for Muaythai bouts in Ayuthaya, Hua hin, Bangkok etc. in Thailand and under IFMA; AITMA & KMA World Championships in Muaythai n Muayboran.
    • Founder and Organizer of Philippines & Thailand Training n Adventures since 1998, active until present.
    • National Contributions and donations : 2005-2019
    • As a Reference Head Instructor in Muaythai and Boran; Kaliradman weapons sysytem; Capoeira for the:
    • DJJV; Accademia Moros of Sardegna; Martial Arts Schools in Torino & Parma; Budo Lehrgänge in Dortmund; 1& 2 Filipino Martial Arts Festivals; Philippines Muaythai and FMA gyms;
    • Nikolaus Budo Lehrgang (Nicholaus Budo Seminars) Donations went to Weisse Ring (White Ring- this Organisation takes care of single mothers and divorced and abused wives and their children;
    • Forchheimer Hospizverein (Hospice Club In Forchheim)

Additional Information:

  • Nationality: US Citizen
  • Place of Birth: Manila Philippines
  • Country of residence: Germany
  • School / Gym: TheBODYSHOCK Team Germany


+49 172 6904615
Ursulum 7
35396 Giessen
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