Grand Master Juerg Ziegler

Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler, "The Lightning Fist"

Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu 10th Dan; Korean Sin Moo Hapkido 10th Dan; Guo Lo Wing Chun Kung Fu / Pien San Kune Grandmaster; SEZ-Jitsu 10th Dan; Kombatan / Modern Arnis 9th Dan; Qi Gong, Human Energy and Tai Chi / Healing Master; Master Southern Shaolin Pay Yen Tong Peh Chien; Professional Master TCM Herbalism; Prof.; Ph.D.; former Officer (Swiss Army); PADI IDC Staff Instructor 968007; Emergency First Response EFR / CPR / CFC / AED Instructor Trainer 968007; AED Technician (Cardiac Science); Founder Shaolin Jenn.

Scuba Dive Instructor (PADI IDC Staff Instructor & EFR Instructor Trainer), Martial Arts Grandmaster (10th Dan – teaching Chinese, Philippine and Korean Martial Arts), Phytopharma-Production (Shaolin Lohan Herbals – TCM, cosmetics and nutrition), professional Master TCM Herbalism (licensed in Malaysia), Far East Tour Operator & Consulting (ASIA à la carte), AED Technician / CPR & AED Course conductor for Cardiac Science Corporation in Switzerland, published writer (over 12 instructional books, VDOs/DVDs, etc.), yacht captain (Motor-yacht "Züri 1" on lake Zurich, Switzerland), family father – that’s the daily image of Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Juerg Ziegler.

Swiss native, born 1963 in Switzerland; started Martial Arts at 10 years of age, began teaching Martial Arts in 1982, opened his first own Martial Arts School in 1986 (Juerg Ziegler Martial Arts Centre - JZMAC). In the meantime he became true Pioneer for Martial Arts in all Europe, Middle East, East Europe and Asia and has students in more then 54 countries worldwide. Many of his students became Instructors, Masters, Senior Masters and Grandmasters in there own rights.

Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is available worldwide for Martial Arts Seminars, Emergency First Response Courses (EFR, CPR, AED, CFC), PADI Scuba Dive Courses, Courses on Healing / Qi Gong / Human Energy / Tai Chi / Meditation & Breathing, Weapon Seminars, Special Programs, special Incentives / Team Building, etc.

He is teaching on a regular basis the following systems in his many schools: Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu, Sin Moo Hapkido, Flying Eagle Hapkido, Guo Lo Wing Chun Kung Fu / Pien San Kuen, Qi Gong / Tai Chi / Meditation / Human Energy, Tui Na, Kombatan / Modern Arnis, etc.

He runs his own Martial Arts schools "Juerg Ziegler Martial Arts Centre" (JZMAC) in Zurich, Winterthur and Wil/SG in Switzerland ( Besides his own schools he is member / representative / advisor of more then 90 organisations worldwide.

Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler was inducted already more then 60 times into he most prestigious Hall of Fames worldwide since 1992. He is a full member of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC) since 1995 and the official Asia Ambassador for this council. He still holds the World Record in Brick Breaking since 1992 (he broke 44 Swiss Government / EMPA tested bricks at 2500kg pressure resistance each in only 65 seconds using his "Shaolin Iron Hand" technique).

Sin Moo Hapkido ( Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the permanent all European Headmaster and Representative for Dojunim Ji, Han Jae since 1990. He is the senior Sin Moo Hapkido Student of Dojunim Ji and the Sin Moo Pioneer for Europe since 1990. In 1992 he also became the permanent Headmaster and Representative for all Middle Eastern and Eurasian countries for Dojunim Ji. In June 2010 he was the first ever Non Korean and 2nd person worldwide to be promoted / tested to 10th Dan "Golden Belt" in Sin Moo Hapkido. In 1990 he set up the European Sin Moo Hapkido Association (ESMHA) and in 2002 he became Vice President of the new World Hapkido Association by Dojunim Ji. In 2006 he set up the European Community Sin Moo Hapkido (ECSMH) and became the chairperson. In May 2008 he established the World Community Sin Moo Hapkido (WCSMH).

Kombatan / Modern Arnis ( Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the Swiss Representative for Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas since a long time and was responsible to launch Kombatan in Switzerland, Finland, Latvia (East European Countries), Portugal as well as Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia, etc. All his family is active in Kombatan. On 21st Jan 2008 Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler was graded and promoted by Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas to 9th Dan Kombatan. He is the Chairperson of the "World Kombatan Community" - appointed and authorised by Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas.

Guo Lo Wing Chun Kung Fu / Pien San Kune: Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the leading top disciple of Grandmaster Austin Goh (GB) who is the successor of late Grandmaster Lee Shing who was the first person to teach and spread Wing Chun Kung Fu to the western world in 1956 in London / GB. Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler began Wing Chun in 1981, teaches Wing Chun since 1st Jan 1982 and completed the complete syllabus in 1985. In 1984 and 1985 he demonstrated the Wing Chun Butterfly Knives Form during Chinese New Year celebrations in London as first ever non-Chinese.

Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu Sek Koh Sum Style / Fat Gar Kune / Shaolin Hood Gar Pai: Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the 3rd and leading top disciple of Grandmaster Kang Ban Chuan ("The Iron Head of Shaolin"). He was tested Instructor in 1986, in 1995 he was designated as his successor / inheritor and in 1998 he was finally graded 9th Dan Grandmaster by his mentor / teacher. In 1999 he became the leading Shaolin Grandmaster after his teacher passed away. He also studied from Grandmaster Queck Heng Choon and was finally tested and graded to 10th Dan by him in 2001 and was given by him the title "Chung Si" (Head-Teacher for all Europe) for Southern Shaolin Lohan. He also studied with Grandmaster Low Koy Tho ("The Shaolin Monkey King").

Southern Shaolin Pay Yen Tong Peh Chien: In 1991 Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler became the only non-Chinese disciple of Grandmaster Yung Qi Soon and completed his studies with him during many trips and studies in Beijing / China.

SEZ-Jitsu (System Ernst Zbinden Jitsu): Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the Successor and Inheritor of Grandmaster Ernst Zbinden’s SEZ-Jitsu. He was tested and awarded 8th Dan Grandmaster by him in 1992 and became his successor as 10th Dan in 1993 after Grandmaster Ernst Zbinden sadly passed away at age 77.

Flying Eagle Hapkido / Taekwon Do / Wrestling (Sui Jiao): Grandmaster Sunny Tan Sar Bee taught Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler all these Martial Arts privately. He is his European Representative.

Sambo / Sui Jiao: Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler was taught especially and privately from his teacher, Grandmaster Hwang Ken Wang in Taiwan Sambo (Mongolian Wrestling / Sui Jiao)

Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu: Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is a direct student and also the Swiss Representative of Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing.

Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler studied with many of the greatest Martial Arts Grandmasters in this world like: Grandmaster Kang Ban Chuan (Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine), Grandmaster Quek Heng Choon (Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung, Chinese Medicine), Grandmaster Low Koy Tho (Southern Shaolin Lohan kung Fu,Chinese Medicine), Do Ju Nim Ji, Han Jae (Sin Moo Hapkido), Grandmaster Austin Goh (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ng Mui Pai, Chi Kung, Siu Lam Pak Tui, Tai Chi, Human Energy, etc.), Grandmaster Ernst Zbinden (SEZ-Jitsu), Grandmaster Yang Chee Soon (Southern Shaolin Pay Yen Tong Peh Chien, Chinese Medicine), Grandmaster Hwang Ken Wang (Sambo / Mongolian Wrestling), Grandmaster Sunny Tan Sar Bee (Flying Eagle Hapkido, Sar Hyun Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo, Wrestling), Grandmaster Cheng Kwong (Kung Fu), Prof. Jonathan Stewart (SAMAS, Arnis), Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas (Kombatan / Modern Arnis / IPMAF), Grandmaster Cacoy Canete (Doce Pares, Eskrima, Eskrido, Pangamot), Guro Doug Pierre (Modern Arnis Domog), Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing (7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu), Grandmaster Yip Chun (Wing Chun Kung Fu), Grandmaster Lo Man Kam (Wing Chun Kung Fu) and many more! They all taught him as if he was there own son and passed him on there special skill’s and experiences so that he can grow to ultimate limits and hopefully be one day such a bright and shiny star in the sky as they are.

Grandmaster Juerg Ziegler is the founder of the new modular based training system "Shaolin Jenn" ( He is the owner / founder of "Shaolin Lohan Herbals".

In 2009 he successfully passed his Ph.D. and in 2010 the Professorship in Malaysia in Martial Arts Science.

In 2011/12 he was the Co-Star in the Hollywood Movie "Extreme Counterstrike" and is nominated for the Pasadena Film festival 2012 in Hollywood in "Best Supporting Actor" Category.

In Switzerland he is running 3 scuba dive centres "Tauchschule Juerg Ziegler - Kung Fu Divers" (PADI Dive Boat S-799453) and is also the captain of the motor-yacht "Zueri 1" ( Besides being a fully authorised PADI IDC Staff Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer he is also a specialised and published underwater photographer. He started diving in 1998 and enjoys both, big fish as well as lots of macro. He is very frequent in the beautiful waters in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia as well as Micronesia and also in Switzerland.

On 13th July 2011 he was appointed to be the "Commander of Archbishopric" by the Archbishop of Prague / Czech Republic and in October 2011 he was awarded the Order of the Golden Cross from the Archbishop of Prague. In October 2011 he was awarded the Papal Order "Jerusalem Pilgrim Cross" in Gold.

His family is also active in diving and in Martial Arts, his wife Monika a true Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Instructor for Kombatan and SEZ-Jitsu besides her captain licence for motor-yachts; his two son’s Sandro and Peter (twins, born 1993) practice martial arts since they were 2 years old and started diving at the tender age of 8. By now both sons are already fully certified PADI Master Scuba Divers with a very good dive experience in Asia and Switzerland and both have a good experience now in Martial Arts also.


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Switzerland, Europe
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